A arty type writer in Sweden, © commonsensible.org
A arty type writer in Sweden, © commonsensible.org

Commonsensible.org: A collection of essays and articles about life!

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A collection of essays and articles about life... life as a festival, a journey of fun, discovery, enlightenment and joy...with stories, reports, opinion and other looks at everything from lifestyle, culture, art, philosophy, science, knowledge, humanities, education, learning, photography, food, mindtravel, health to anything else we think is useful or important for another person to know; what you find here is up to you! 


We want you to adventure with us, to inspire you to leave the world behind. We want to encourage the idea that what is hard is worthwhile. We want you to find your own journey, to be intrigued, challenged, to find the pictures with the extra info, to not be scared of words and to hunt the world like we do! We want to give you knowledge and power.

We love knowledge and learning, and sharing that with everyone. We love experiences and adventures, and encouraging your own.  We love discovering stuff and telling others. We've traveled the world, lived life and curated this encounter that we lay out here to inspire your own journey, whether of the mind or of the body. We only share what we know to be true so you can rest assured it's all directions you can trust. 
Use the links in the menu to find some great stories, tips and information about everything from Acupuncture, Bagan, Cambodia, Diving, Elephants, Figs, Gold, Horses, Jewels, Knowledge, London, Myanmar, Nha Trang, Organic foods, Pai, Quiet, Squid, Thailand, UK, Vietnam, Wine, Xenophiles, Yangon to Zebras

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There's educational informationhelp for teachers, help for students and lots of captivating knowledge and thoughts for all of life's learners! With articles about science, politics, philosophy, mind, spirituality  and everything in between, there's something for everyone. We try to give you a scientific answer to everything, so you can wield that knowledge as power. A healthy mind, body and soul is our aim.


There's health articles, a health and wellness blog, alternative therapies, mental health articles, a mindfulness blog, health and wellness information and more! We look at what is mental health, what is health, how to meditate, which massage or alternative therapy does what, children's health, hospital health, healthy travel, spiritual health and all other things healthy...all commonsensibly done.

We've got some focused looks at various international cuisines and wierd food we've eaten, tastes of healthy food and all things food and drink! There's a really useful and interesting travel section that gives you the best run down on a destination. There's alternative news and health ideas and some other informative healthy mind articles with forums for discussion! Because living is nothing without good food, travel and health!
 From Greek food to Asian cuisine, from restaurant reviews or explanations about recipes, we've got something for everyone! We always try to tell you a bit about the destination, recommend the best things to do, a bit of nightlife, a bite or two to eat and where to stay, with any other tips or tricks we pick up; but we always recommend adding in your own research and, above all, having your own adventure!
Our Educationalism articles area has comments boxes, for article specific discussion on each individual article page, why not get involved with the debate?
Our creactivity section (it's not a typo!) is about all things creative and active. From artwriting, crafts and creativity at music festivals, there's lots here to get your creative juices flowing! There's interviews with artists, stories from performers, artistic photography and lots more of the beautiful side of life. Anything that is actively being creative is creactivity; it's what makes use peculiarly human.
So join us on a journey of discovery and go on a trip to wonderful places...


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For an explanation of what is Commonsensible.orghow to understand our approach and what we stand for, click on those phrases!


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