Anything actively creative…

Creactivity = creativity + activity. There’s art, writing, crafts and creativity, music festivals, performance and more; there’s lots to experience to get your creative juices flowing!

What is art? Is Duchamps Urinal it? How about Tracey Emin’s bed? What about the Turner prize or big ticket shows? Is it just paintings and images, or is it more than that?

Here, we have art articles, poetry, festival art, painting, dance, sculpture, installations, events, performance and all things creative, or creactive.

We differentiate between a passive creative experience and an active one. In one, the creator does something to you. In the other, you have to take part.

“Art should have political, spiritual, and surprising elements. It should try to find new language of communicating in order to give awareness to the public. Then every society can use the layer it needs at the moment. If one is interested in the political, they can take that. If the next one needs spiritual, it can be found in the same work. So if you just did one level, for example only political, it’s like an old newspaper, you read it today and tomorrow it’s old news. The art dies. Art with this kind of complexity has many lives where many societies can take something different at different times. It can live for centuries, otherwise who cares?” Marina Abramovic.

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