New naive landscapes and philosophical art by Andrew P M Yiallouros…

Here is a showcase of my landscapes and sketches, I am available for commisions, and these are available to buy or have on a T-shirt; just send me an email!


The Landscapes, and most of my painting, is all about the texture. I paint in layers, building thickness to give an almost 3D effect which can only really be appreciated in front of the real piece. I prefer acrylic but I also like oil. These were exhibited in BRB in Hampstead High Street, London and most of them are now spread around the world.

I’m inspired mostly by impresssionism and the idea of giving a feeling in my images which I draw from real images or from images in my mind that create themselves when I paint. For me, painting is a meditation and a therapy and I never really know what the image will be until it is finished.


I start with the eye and let the picture create itself. I create the eye and then the being behind the eye emerges on their own. Sometimes they are happy, sometimes sad and sometimes with different emotions. It’s a very organic process and I feel the images have a life of their own. By staring back at the face I have created (or that made itself) the words that it wants to have next to is revealed to me and I add that. There is definitely a spiritual and philosophical element that often emerges, sometimes it cathartic and represents something from my own life; though occassionally they just want to have a laugh. There is a whole load of these images that are screaming for an exhibition but that will have to wait!


Check out the photo gallery below…

Landscapes and sketches: Click on the arrows to scroll, or on the image for a larger version (in a pop-up)

Landscapes and sketches

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