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Mind virus! ™

By Andrew P M Yiallouros

After spending over 20 years dedicating my every waking (and dreaming) moments to answering the question of the meaning of life, my answer is as follows:

Mind virus!

I have been a Buddhist, a yogi, a spiritualist, a Christian monk, a muslim, a philosopher (especially an existentialist), a rich man, a pauper (and much else besides) and through all these experiences and thought systems I have computed the answer and the answer is:

All is a mind virus!

From Hindu beliefs to Cartesian dualism and from discussions of the weekend to professions of desire for that consumer good, from atheism to Brexit, all existence is but the creation, encountering and expression of a mind virus!

There is, when all is said and done, only an “I” watching through the tunnel of perception and this “I” processes reality through thought. The repercussions of this thought is what we do with reality, our buildings, society or culture and everything else we create. We mistakenly believe that this thought has value, but in a million years nothing will be left of it, maybe not even its repercussions. In truth, the thought is merely the “I” deciding arbitrarily what it makes of the perceived experience and we all have different decisions regarding this. I say “Jeff,” you hear “Geoff.”  Some thought seems better than others and we pass this on to others through fashion, art, discussions, books and everything else, through our politics, religion and all other belief systems so they almost take on a life of their own. It infects us and we can get lost in the virus, shaping our lives accordingly. But in today’s world, with all its competing viruses, we can start to see and realise that there is no truth and that all who think they have it, have a mind virus!

The only antidote to the mind virus! Is a virus itself, and that virus is to know that all is a mind virus!

Can you see how deep it goes?

Or is this a mind virus?!


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Mind Virus!

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