Experiences to make you feel good…

Because some art needs you to make it work. It needs an audience, a mind, a place to be, some sort of action. For example poetry is here, because in art the artist paints the world for you, but in poetry or fiction, you have to use the colours and brushes the writer gives you and paint your own world. There’s dance, performance, installations, because they would be nothing without you.

“The work of art is a scapegoat surplus product, a dispensable cliche of form and meaning, having only the value the spectator–the symbol of society at large–gives it as he encounters it in the no man’s land of the gallery or museum. He victimizes it and is victimized by it; he is ambivalent about it as it is in itself. It has a certain amount of authority, yet no more than he gives it by channeling his life-energy in its forms. In other words, it forces him to recognize his own authoritarian style, i.e., his tendency to treat his own identity as a finished form, but at the same time possessed of an energy that contradicts that form by reaching for other identities. The work of art teaches the spectator that he too is communal cliche and unfinished expression.” Donald Burton Kuspit

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