How you can put on a good event in any location as long as you get the basics right…

Do you need an amazing venue, a bar and long drink list, top name music acts and so on to make a great event? No! You just need the basics. A space and seating, something to drink and snack on, lights, interest and beauty, music and good people…that is all you need.

It was the second year of Wildreness festival and it was 10pm. Because of a nuisance neighbour, the festival had to shut all music down and have the festival pretty much close until an acceptable time for noise the next day. Thus, we were all mostly bored and feeling a bit like we had a lot more fun left in us; and that is how Cafe Andrew was born!

I had a bunch of milk and coca cola and so I got the word out, we need vodka and khalua. A short mission later, that was sorted and we had a bar of White and Black Russians, beer and a few other bits and pieces. I arranged the bell tent so there was seating around the circle it made and I put some more rugs, seats and cushions I had outside for spill over. It was already decorated with lights, a chandelier & fairy lights, and some bunting we’d found. We got some mini rigs and someone who wanted to be in charge of the music (me!) and the music was sorted. Then all we had to do was spread the word that there was a secret party and before we knew it, we had a lot of the festival at this new alternative event space and a legend was born! It really was fantastic! We even had a fire, a barman, a hostess, a bouncer and a VIP area with its own entrance stamp.

The next night, you can’t just do the same thing, that’s boring, so we added The Party Car as the main venue with Cafe Andrew now being the VIP area and the outside between the car and the tent having the spillover. The sound system of the car made it even more clubby and it also added a funny aspect as we had about 15 people on top of an inside the car (a Suzuki Alto that was never the same afterwards but which always reminded me of the fun times whenever I saw the dents on the roof and bonnet!). That night another legend was born and it became a festival feature (which we developed a little but not much) with editions happening at Secret Garden Party too! Here’s what people said:

“Winning at wilderness with Cafe Andrew and The party Car and all the wonderful people and other things that made it so gooooooodddddd!!!!xxxx”

“Cafe Andrew ROCKS! and it’s even better that it’s renegade, Andrew you rebel. Love xxx”

“Can I just say my favourite moment of wilderness was experienced at Cafe Andrew. The fire created dramatic ambience and the company heart warming…..don’t even get me started on the VIP snacks……baby bell is my favourite! 🙂 ten out ten on my trip advisor review 🙂 xxx”

So, yeah, you can have an amazing event, that will go down in history, in a crappy tent or in a small car, as long as you’ve got:

A Space, Seating and Decor, Drinks, Snacks, Music/Entertainment/interest and good people!

Check out the photos below…at the bottom is the page is an old bio about my event work if you’re interested!


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Cafe Andrew and The Party Car

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Andrew’s 2014 Bio An old bio about me! Andrew Bio 2014.odt Open Office Writer [6.3 KB]