An excerpt from The Dragon and The Princess and which also appears in my latest book, a compilation of poetry which is available here…


“In the beginning, there was nothing. A void, an empty of empties, no thing, chaos. You can’t see it or know it, for it didn’t exist. And in this abyss, in this deep deep nothingness, There was a realisation, an enlightenment. For in a world of nothing, all things must be equal. So there had to be something for there to be nothing. And this thing awoke and realised Itself.

For an eternity It sat there, knowing Itself. It was a revelation, a joy, total love. For It was everything, an equal to the nothing, Absolute and total potential, all things and all time. Omnipotent, omniscient and much much more. Revelling in Itself, being Itself, being potential. And It thought and thought and fought, Until It was ready, until the time had come.

It imagined, and saw, and felt, and heard, and tasted, It lived, and died, and enjoyed, and suffered, Until there was nothing left to be. And then It experienced a great truth. That there is duality and spectrum in all things, in this they rest. That there was better and worse, and good and bad, Life and death, existence or none. And all was rooted in love, the one thing not reliant on anything else, The one thing that all was made of, the first thing. This was what was there before, and what will always be.

It decided, thus, what was best. And It painted a world, More was better than one, To be was better than to not, and to love was the best of all. And It asked Itself if It agreed, “Do you want to be or no? Do you want to live?” And It replied, “Yes! Oh, Yes! But, we want it to be real, to feel hard, to be love!” And It agreed, and thought some more.

“We love surprises, secrets, fun, joy, We love happy tears, holding hands and warm embraces, We love victory, the conquest after struggle, humility, We love the resolution, the mystery, We love it all and all we must and will love!” And then It spoke into the void, “I am” It said, “Om” It said, “Let it be” It said, “LOVE!” It said. And then there was silence for a while.

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And then, slowly, dimly, gently, in the dark blackness of nothingness, A light appeared, Small at first, A tiny point of singularity.

It was excited in Itself, for It knew what was to come, But then one of It called out, “How is it real if we know? How is it real, if you will be there?” And It replied with a smile, “We’ve already thought of that,” And with that, There was a flash, And the light grew and grew and grew, And from the point of something, everything flowed into the void, And filled it with life and light and love. Thus the eternal battle with the nothingness began, And all was joy and love and laughter, Even when it was not. And all was an emanation of It.

It then said to the others, “I will rest now, for I grow weary.” And they all cried out from the other side, “But Abba, Matta, Creator! We need you! You are the architect, the author of our souls, our guide, our light, our maker, our all! We will forget, look, Some of us already have!” And It giggled, and laughed, and looked, and said with love, “Dear child, you are me, sacred, wise, omni, all, Love. I am with you and you are with me, always, I promise. Ask and you shall receive, Say and you will create, think, and it will be. You will forget, And remembering is one of the games, And being, living, enjoying, loving and more, On and on, Until you all return to me and I awake, fully. And it will only be for an eternity, And the things you will see and become, will only be infinite. This is what you asked for and this is what you got! And in my sleep I will dream, and in my dreams I will watch you.”

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As Its’ words echoed across creation The universe sang Its’ worship and thanked and thanked and loved and lived. And as It slept, the rest of It played and cried and created, Always being everything, experiencing everything. Total freedom, total joy and understanding, Lessons and seeings along the way.

But, from the dream, a voice softly came, “You! You will remember, You will be the one to tell, when all forget, As forget they must. I will write it on every page of your being, I will write the whole story within you, So all you need to do is look within. Love! Freedom! Goodness! Sacred! The All! This is what you are, and this is what you will realise! For even in everything, there are values and measures. And when you are bad, as bad you must be, just remember, That all will be well in the end! All is there for you, do with it what you will. But I know where you will go, Because you are me and I have already seen and created. You will be the dream and you will dream it too, if you choose. You will move and change until you too have conquered the nothingness.”

And with that a hand appeared from the light of the dream, and touched It, “For I have conquered the nothingness by including it in me, And now you will struggle with it in you.” And It looked down to where It had been touched, And saw the nothingness within It, And It cried. “But Creator, I cannot bear this torment, This aching emptiness, it devours me! Help me, maker of my soul!” And with a chuckle It replied, “All you have to do is remember who you are, this speck will help you! You are everything! Holy of holies! LOVE! It is you, and you are It!

And, when you have finished playing, we will take turns to dream.”

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