Some examples of performance work Andrew Yiallouros has been involved in….

I was never a dancer, nor a performer, I was too shy! Then one day I decided to get out of my comfort zone and went to an audition for The Artful Badgers. Imagine a person who would be and should be no where near such a thing. That was me. And…something happened to me…I let go and magic happened. It was transcendent and one of the best experiences of my life and I immediately found a new home. Performing and dancing for them at festivals and gigs, my time with the Badgers will always be one of my favourite life accomplishments and one of the things I am most proud of. It was founded by my good friends Aoife Van Linden Tol, Zoe Cobb and Freddy Drabble; true artists and geniuses!

I was able to be in their video for the Get off my Badger campaign song (Badger Swagger) with Brian May, Slash, David Attenborough, Shara Nelson, Sam and The Womp and Sonny Green and be involved in promoting the campaign. I also set up and ran their festival kitchen and back stage green room area at SGP and Wilderness festivals and lots more! The best thing about the Badgers was that it was a family and we were all on the same page, bringing love, joy and positivity to the world! We were all in love and committed to being a part of the most socially progressive and life changing place in the universe: the festival scene. We also brought this magic to London, in various London venues like the Vaults and most notably Passing Clouds; a true gem of London nightlife culture now fighting against unjust London property developers the only place in London you could get a glimpse of the magic that is the festival scene.

Through my work with them, I’ve also had the honour of working with The Bearded Kittens who are just so much fun, really know how to put on a show and how to make an audience fall about laughing, and much more, true experts in what they do!  Through them I also met Amy Bee Sting and Ben Scott of The Church and other fame. There’s many more people and groups I’ve worked with, I’ve also done walk about and immersive theatre, run photo booths and competitions, compered, DJed, performed music , professionally danced and lots more! Eventually I ended up dancing on my own on stage at the first Wonderfruit festival and became a tiny bit famous in Thailand (well, random people up to a year later were coming up to me and calling me the dancing bunny and wanting their photo taken with me!) and it (and everything I’ve talked about here) was all because of going to that audition with the Badgers. So yeah, do things that aren’t you, you never know where they might lead!

Here’s a video of “flocking” with the Badgers:


And here’s a selection of photos…I also collect other media and things linked to this sort of creativity on my creativity facebook page, here…

Performance photos: Click on the arrows to scroll, or on the image for a larger version (in a pop-up)

The Artful Badger and performance

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