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I think it’s safe to say that we are all bored of going to a bar, club or pub for a good night out. There will always be a place for those things, they will, likely, always be around. But we are all looking for more interesting and unusual events to go to these days. Particularly for special events, like Birthdays and Christmas, but these days, even the weekend’s pastimes are screaming out for some innovation and inspiration.

I’ve never been a massive drinker so I was bored earlier on than many and it meant I had to search out more fun ways to spend my time. From pub life classes to cocktail bar painting nights, from five rhythms to disco yoga, I’ve always been on the hunt for something different.

The key to it is to take something usual and make it unusual. That’s one way. Another is to just go wild and think outside the box completely and come up with something really unique. Thinking about what you like and how to twist it is therefore one approach. Or to think of something that has no realtionship to partying and add partying to it; those are always good.

For example, Morning Glory took the club concept and took away the booze and the night time parts and added in early mornings, health and a more shiny, positive and bright antidote to the dark and sometimes grimy night time club thing. It really worked!

An approach I took for my 30th Birthday was to take something I love, festivals, and bring it to a place where festivals have little place, a London venue. I arranged bands, DJs, dancers and other performance acts; all the things you’d expect to see at a festival, check out the document at the bottom for a full list. I even arranged facepainters and had pop-up tents set up as break-away and seating areas to really give the festival vibe. It really worked well as it adds value to what is a usually quite normal event.

What about, instead of going for dinner, having a cookery class instead. You still get to have the dinner but you can have some fun along the way and all do something together. All taking part in creating a meal is such a bonding experience. That’s what we did at The Good Food Cookery School. You can even skip the class and just all get involved in preparing the meal at the party together or just bringing your own home made dishes; the creative and community aspect of it, just adds a level of interest to your event.

What about, instead of Karaoke, having a live band play the songs while you sing along. Apart from feeling like you’re in a band, which is a dream for many people, and lets everyone play a fantasy for a night, it also puts an interesting twist and quite a cliche experience. Again, it’s a great way to twist things.

Finally, what about disco dodgeball?! Take a childs game (that many remember and love), add DJs, music, fancy dress and team competiveness and a little booze and then watch the sparks of joy fly! It’s so simple, but works really well!


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Unusual events

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A list of the acts at my indoor music festival A list of the acts at my indoor music festival! 0th Festival Acts.docx Microsoft Word document [14.5 KB]