School displays are vital ©
School displays are vital ©

A Good Teacher?

What makes a good is an important thing to think about...


A good teacher is patient, knows when to talk and what to do but more importantly knows when to listen and how to assess their charges.


A good teacher knows their subject excellently and is continual in their enthusiasm for it and infects a class with this love of learning and thirst for knowledge.


A good teacher can keep control and have an air of authority and still be approachable and friendly.


A good teacher is vibrant and active and an excellent role model.


A good teacher is firm but fair and demands only the best.


A good teacher is not distant and can connect with pupils but also has clear boundaries and expectations.


A good teacher understands the importance of their role in society but also knows the limits to which they are bound.


A good teacher is consistent and a professional, always taking pride in their work and always setting the best examples.


A good teacher always goes the extra mile and always tries to help.


A good teacher is a good team player and communicator and can get along with anyone.


A good teacher is organised and presentable and always ready.


A good teacher can feel the mood of the class and other factors and can respond accordingly.


A good teacher can see when a class is “flagging” and knows just what to do to get attention back up.


A good teacher knows their pupils and parents.


A good teacher knows more than just their subject, a good teacher knows.


A good teacher is interesting but focuses on the students and how they learn and what they learn.


A good teacher is a facilitator and a magician.




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