The festival world is at the cuting edge of what our future society will, or should, look like…

In a field or outside space somewhere, possibly right now, there is a revolution going on. It has been almost entirely missed by the mainstream and this is a good thing. It is growing and evolving every year and it is forming a new generation. Its effects are wide ranging and powerful. It is saving and changing people’s lives. It will change society. It is the music festival.

I know, I say those words and you think of mud, booze, possibly drugs, bands and Glastonbury or Burning Man. You might think of a weekend of fun, debauchery and freedom; before you go back to “the real world.” You might think of camping, sunshine, friends and music. You might think it’s just a leisure activity and of no real import.

But, you would be wrong. In this world, the festival world or scene, there are some of history’s greatest people and minds working diligently, often quietly, away. They are working on bringing love, joy and freedom to the normal soul; an awakening of sorts. They are bringing you back to your inner child, to play and silliness, to break the conditioning. And it really works.

In the festival world, there is the committment to clean energy, a rejection of consumption, a rejection of society as it now is, a committment to good and healthy food, recycling, personal freedom and empowerment, community and love of everyone and more. They reject being normal or being the same. They reject boredom, death and the day job. They reject all that is bad about the larger world. The festival world is the best world there is. That world is the world as it should be. Small living, big life.

If you need something in the festival world, someone will give it to you. For free. They won’t say, as the “normal” people say in the “real” world, “Ah, you need something, what can I get out of you?” They say, “Ah, you need something, here you go.” It’s not just about need either, you can have whatever you want too. But as you are in a community, and you understand the importance of that community, your wants are self limited, your needs are controlled; you police yourself for the greater good. And it works. There is honour, dignity and chivalry in the festival world.

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On the scene you might meet someone, it’s their first time at a festival, they don’t know what to expect, what’s going to happen. No-one does, by the way, that’s part of the magic of it. But, if you see those same people on the Monday after the festival, or the next year or year after that; something has changed in them. They are different now. They have quit the job they hated and they are happy. Light literally shines from their faces.

I was, possibly, the definition of normal. Not a hippy, quite closed minded, went to a traditional public school, red brick university, got a profession and a job, all the things society tells us to do. I would greet things like music festivals with some sort of disdain. Going to the pub and dinner or maybe a club night was as wild as it got. And then I went to a festival. I couldn’t go back after that, something changed in me for good. I saw that life should be, has to be, full of love, laughter, fun, community, silliness and freedom. I saw that you didn’t need to fear people. We are not alone, not if we don’t want to be. The world isn’t horrible and scary, but really really lovely and wonderful. And it is our choice what world we want to have. It is OUR world.

It’s hard to put it into words. You have to go to understand what I mean.

But suffice to say, when a fully conditioned, manipulated and pigeon holed ordinary comes to a festival and he or she gets drunk or whatever and steps outside of themselves that way; when they dress up in fancy dress (maybe even if they are embarrassed) and step outside of themselves that way, when they roll down the hill with some new friend they made, or mud wrestle or get covered in glitter or powder paint and step out of themselves that way, when they have a trancendent moment listening to some beautiful song or just because of a moment they are experiencing and step outside of themselves that way, when they talk to some random person that they have no buinsess, normally, talking to and steps outside of thmselves that way too and so on and on…they don’t just change for the better, they become awakened. It is an enlightenment. And it’s much quicker than meditation or mindfullness. From that point on, they want to love, to share, to give, to allow and so on. They become the people we need to be to fix this mess we are in. And these numbers are growing and soon we are going to rise up and change the greater world…just you wait!

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Festivals saved my life