I’d been hearing a lot about Standing Rock and sharing as an attempt at a response, but not doing much else. Then I kept seeing snakes for a couple of days. In my dreams, on the TV, in conversation, they kept popping up. Attenborough’s pack of snakes didn’t help!

However, for me, that’s not confirmation bias but significance (see The Theory of Recurrence for more). Then the next day, this artwork above came up in my feed, and I just thought, that’s it, I need to do that…

My wonderful friends and family, firstly I love you and those that I am not with, I miss you and am sending you love and light from afar. I have a favour to ask, of which I would be greatly appreciative of some help in the right direction. Within moments of arriving in America I instantly felt connected, grounded, a sense of belonging and ease have permeated my every experience, and I feel humbled and privileged by this extraordinary realisation, that for reasons I can’t fully explain, but just know, that the community of people I have become a part of feel like home and existing here with them, being a part of this community and helping, creating, sharing space and time feels important, it feels right.

My dear friend, my sister, Kelly Gatley has bravely been standing with her tribe at the front line of Standing Rock, whilst stood in prayer and gently, peacefully and from a place of love protesting and protecting against the build of the North Dakota, black snack, oil pipe line that is nearing completion, her friends have been shot at with rubber bullets and they have been maced. She gave a talk last night to the community where she lives, speaking her truth and also empowering and helped bring the community together. With knowledge and experience comes a responsibility, to share, to educate, to empower those that don’t know.

The pipeline is being built under Americas largest river which is over 2000 miles long, this is water, water is an element we can not live without. We are walking cucumbers for Christ sake. To behave as if this does not effect all of us is absurd. In the darkest of times the most beautiful things take shape; community spirit, empowerment through togetherness and knowing, change is possible if we stand together. This is sacred, the water, the land, the coming together of many tribes, this matters.

We all have a voice, we all have skills, whether it is creatively through art or music, or the spoken word, the written word we must spread the word. We must support our brothers and sisters that are out there representing all of us. We have to help slow down the race to the precipice of depleting all of our resources. This effects us all, whether we are in America or not. We are all connected, we have all been affected by something like this in our own land, please help spread the word In what ever form you see fit.

Chloe Maxwell

Artwork: Stef Marchand Reuben

I spoke to Kelly and she had this to say…

“We are protecting the water…it’s not a protest but a movement to protect. Right now I’m preparing to go back out there, whilst organising donation drop offs and fundraisers, I’ll get back to you with more information when I can…please support this potent movement!” 

YOU HAVE JUST GOT TO CHECK OUT HER INSTAGRAM! Sorry for shouting, but you do!


We think we all need to stand up today against big business in it’s attack on basic rights and things of nature, in this case water and the rights of native people to their own lands. When will we stand up and do something? Or you want to stay living in this world?

If you want to help, share this article, write to whoever you can, help get press on board and donate if you can.  Together we CAN do something! Visit here for more: http://standingrock.org!