How to limit the problems of subjectivity…

We can’t ever be objective, we can’t ever step outside ourselves and see things as they truly are. We have to use machines to get a different view of something and see more. We always impact on what we observe also. These are very real and large obstacles to truth.

We are conditioned to create a character, or a persona which means we have to have a few base “pillars” so to speak, of what that character is. They may move, but just as they will have repurcussions on the actions of that character, so their movement is often constrained by their placement within the character and their relationship to other pillars. This has a subconcious and constant effect on the views of the character and is one of many reasons why subjectivity is a problem. One person’s character and life experiences, as well as the history of their biology and genetics, is tied up with them and will have an effect on the actions or thoughts of that character. Confirmation bias, bias in general and similar things are relevant here. One can see grumpy men not give to charity, hungry men eat trash, or many more examples that show to the average joe that the character, and where it is in it’s movement (ignoring temporarily conversion experiences and the like) and journey, will impact on the sense experience and more importantly, judgement of that character. Generally, people put great effort in creating a character and sticking with it, perhaps with some additions, it just appears to be “the way” that most people spend their lives.

From different fashions, purchases, different tribes or teams, different interests, different past times , different histories, different beliefs, this world is full of people carrying out actions, normally in line with their selves and also having some impact on what their selves are. This combined with personal efforts to identify who “they are” means that we end up with a roughly fixed persona. This all has an effect on their judgement. Different people react/act and judge (rationalise, decide, have motivation for, and so on) differently. This explains why not everyone likes shakespeare, drinking, reading, skiing, and so on and on. It explains different tastes and different choices. However it is a practical example to show how subjectivity is a problem.

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There is the furthermore, more fundamental issues with subjectivity, e.g. one person who is colour blind, say, never being able to see what a full colour viewer can. Examples like these, on this level of subjectivity, show that there is a fundamental difference to what everyone experiences. It is wy we have the scientific method, so we can find a way to verify something that transcends these problems. However, for philosophy, it has meant being stuck in a quagmire of lost hope, never being able to talk of that which it loves. Not able to talk of truth or knowledge or wisdom.

But there is hope. If one could not choose a personality and put much effort in being as free internally as possible, this would help matters slightly. If one could go further and act as many different lives as possible, study as many different characters as possible and experience as many different types of personality as posible. Perhaps that would help further. Rather than giving up and saying all is subjective and all hope is lost, why not say that all is subjective so if I can collect as many subjectives as possible, I might fill in some of the whole of what the objective might be. It’s like one person looking at a vase. What if he could be 6 people simultaneously and observe the vase then. It might not be objective, but it will give you more than the subjective. This is the multi-subjective view.

Now it takes work, training, education. It means going sky diving, on yachts, suffering, not suffering, working as a labourer, Manager, Sales-man, office worker, boss, getting ill, being really healthy, being into heavy metal and then hip-hop. Doing and NLP course, studying science, and a masters in philosophy. It means packing your life with experiences, lives and games, playing an infiltration. But it will give you the multi-subjective view. You will be able to see a situation, an object or more, and be able to see it more clearly. You will be able to decide more effectively. You will be closer to reality.