A cosmological theory….

By enquiring ever further into the minutiae of reality, it becomes like a man trying to figure out the wall with his face buried into it. To really understand reality, you also have to step back and look at the wall from a distance. By not looking at what divides things, perhaps one can see better what it all is. If you do this, ignoring the details and looking at the similarities instead (no matter how unconnected they first appear) you should notice that there is a law of recurrence throughout reality. Like living in a blue world, where blue would recur throughout it. The other natural laws recur. Concepts recur. Many things recur. Indeed, precisely because the wall analogy makes sense, is an example of this recurrence. This is very interesting and enlightening as to what reality is. The various depths of the ocean show an example of this recurrence in the way that gravity recurs throughout the universe. (Remember, if you are looking for the differences, as is the scientific method thus far, you will miss the point.) The more mass, the greater the effect, the deeper you go. This can therefore tell us about gravity, just as much as observing black holes; even though they at first appear unconnected.

We also have this law of recurrence within us. (Indeed, so unchanging, wide spread and absolute is this law, that it is the prime natural law; thus far missed by most enquirers.) If we have a personal idea or opinion, it will recur throughout our dealings with the world, much like the racist will have a life full of racist interactions and thoughts, whether he knows it or not. We already know this as bias or confirmation bias. The great failure of science has been to miss this point, as the previous custodians of knowledge (religious custodians) did and why both did not get all the answers yet; that this bias is very difficult to get away from. The only way to overcome it is to enquire with a clean and empty mind. This is rare. Most of our enquirers are tainted. Therefore, allowing people who are tainted with beliefs and ideas to enquire, will always skew what they observe and what the rest of us therefore know. This is unsatisfactory for knowledge acquisition. An example is allowing people who are determined to know or who are atheist or theist to enquire. The person who is determined to know, will eventually think that they do and then all is lost. The person who is an atheist will only be able to look at ideas that are a rejection of, a reaction against or an absence of the idea of God. The Theist will also only be able to see God throughout his dealings with reality. One such example is the arrogance that you are sure there is nothing other than the universe. Not the multiverse (which is another example of false ideas recurring and failing us.)

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What I am referring to is where did the big bang come from, and what is outside the universe? In fact, outside the universe is an all-encompassing void of chaos. I know this because it is a recurrent theme that things have a beginning, an origination. Therefore, the universe must too. It cannot just randomly appear out of nothing, nothing we know does this, so by following the law of recurrence I must conclude that the universe must have a cause. Therefore, also there cannot be nothing outside the universe for nothing comes from nothing. The only way to make sense of this is therefore to posit the existence of something outside the universe that spurned it. There has to be something there. We know that this world we inhabit is one of order and so it makes sense that what is outside is the opposite of that; duality and symmetry is another thing that recurs. Therefore, outside the universe is a world of chaos.

A further thing that recurs is that in a chaotic and random system, given enough time, order will form. Like a random deck of cards falling on the floor magically into suit order, eventually out of this chaos, came the point of singularity that we know so well. This means, as we are starting to see, that space is not empty and there is an inherent energy within it and recent observations of gravitational waves shows that space is more similar to a fluid in relation to itself. I posit this “fluid” is a bubble in relation to the chaos. Out of the chaos came the bubble of order that is the universe and this bubble within the chaos, much like the depths of the ocean has an energy of pressure, has a value. This is dark energy, the bubble. Dark matter is the value or energy of the fluid. Phase changes are another recurrant theme. Gravity is the effect of the interaction of matter within this fluid. It is why gravity’s range is so prevalent, because the fluid is prevalent. Many of your other questions will be answered through these ideas; for example this is how to marry Quantum systems with relativity and how to unravel faster space travel. It fixes the blocks that you are encountering. Above all, look at the smaller and smaller as you are doing, but also look at the whole too; this is the new paradigm that you need. This can all also be tested and confirmed or rejected. I leave it to people better than me to take these ideas to their natural conclusion.