A few examples and recommendations about Vietnamese foods

We loved Vietnam and the food. The French colonial past has meant Vietnam has acquired some of the French Cuisine as well; the attention to detail, big flavours, European flavours, great food! This plus the amazing Vietnamese food traditions and it all adds up to amazing food!

There’s Pho, Bao, hot pots, table BBQs and more! Have a browse of our photos in the gallery below for more examples, recomendations and other details. We really enjoyed grabbing some bits and pieces from the local bakery in Dalat, bakeries are awesome in Vietnam, go find one and get stuck in!, We also loved Bao and Pho (obvs!), tasty Ostriche in Nha Trang (and it’s quite common there due to a farm nearby), the amazing coffee (including Luwak coffee!), Street food Vietnamese Pizza in Dalat (and all the other street food around Vietnam was great!), a table BBQ also in Dalat, a great vegetarian (Dalat again), and more! More details in the pictures below…we recommend all the above!

We also went to a spectacular Greek restaurant in Nha Trang that served huge portions, great prices, great service and atmosphere; it’s called Mix and we really recommend. We had an awesome meal in Dalat at Goc Ha Thanh which served the full range of Vietnamese food, including local dishes; really delicious and we really recommend that too. Finally, we were served a wonderful dish of Eel, steamed with beer and a stock, over hot coals and herbs in front of us, at a restaurant called Oc Tuoi in Ho Chi Minh (again, as always, details in the pictures below). These three are worth searching for.

Also worth trying and taking home with you if you can (and lots if you can!) is Vietnamese coffee. It’s mixed with vanilla and other flavours and it is delicious! There’s a picture in the gallery of the right one to buy. Make sure you take a Vietnamese coffee maker home too though, it’s worth it for the times you can drink proper Vietnamese coffee and reminisce about your trip. Also worth taking home some of is Luwak coffee, coffee that’s been eaten by civets or weasels or luwaks and then collected from their droppings. Sounds gross but is actually delish and the tour of the farm (as long as it is a reputable one) is also a good trip.



Vietnam good food photos: Click on the arrows to scroll, or on the image for a larger version (in a pop-up)

Vietnamese eats!

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