It’s still just such a paradise on earth…

I remember when I first went to Indonesia in 1998, civil war had just broken out meaning I couldn’t go to Jakarta as planned. Instead I flew to Bali and was blown away by the whole experience, the serenity, simplicity and the energy of the place. The war had scared off all the tourists and we literally had the Island to ourselves, driving around in a four wheel drive (which we managed to get stuck up a volcano, but that’s another story…), covering the whole Island and being able to stay in 5 star hotels for a few dollars as they were so grateful for the trade.

I went on to Lombok and the Gili Islands (even better today I’m told!), and even though the whole thing lasted ten days, it felt like an age and a pivotal and significant moment in my life. It was paradise indeed, but one that was I sure couldn’t be repeated when I went again this year in September 2016. I was wrong!

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