Seminyak was a decent upscale beach break location…

Again, it was the accomodation that made this trip. We stayed at the Tijili Seminyak Hotel, a contemporary upscale hotel. We liked the high standards, the room, staff, food, prices and decor. It was a haven you could call home. It was very well located too, just a short walk to the intense waves of the beach. Be very careful swimming in Bali, but especially this coast, there are very strong rip tides and huge waves. It’s still safe if you are careful, follow flags and instructions, and it makes for great surfing; which Inna and I both had a go at. We’d recommend that highly!

Seminyak itself is really just the upscale end of the coast/beach that stretches from Kuta  and Legian. If Kuta is hell (which it is) and Legian is purgatory (which it is) then Seminyak is heaven. It’s a good choice for a beach holiday and we had a great time, ate really well (check out the pictures as usual, for details!) and felt like we had a perfect break.

My one issue, it was ridiculously expensive. Like immorally, you are robbing me, expensive. When a beer in Ubud might cost you two dollars, in Seminyak it’s ten and there is no reason for it other than profiteering and exploitation. It’s true to say that the Aussies have claimed Bali as their own, and their bigger wallets and strong dollar means it’s really expensive for everyone else. If you are thinking it’s south east Asia prices, as I was, you’d be wrong. It’s western prices (Kuta and Legian) and expensive western prices (Seminyak) and it upsets me because it’s not the same as elsewhere in Indonesia, it’s objectification and wrong but there’s enough people going along with it (who can afford to go along with it) that that’s just the way it is. The price should be the price, not how much I can get out of you. Man, I hate capitalism.

Anyway, if you’re not on a budget like us, this probably won’t be a problem and Seminyak was so lovely for a beach holiday, we’d still recommend you go. We got a bit drunk on Arak (again be careful where you get it), had a lot of great meals (head to “the Eating street”), went for a boogie in Kuta (oh my word it is actually hell!), had a Balinese massage and generally did what you do when you’ve got a week on the beach; breakfast, pool/beach/sun, lunch, sun/chill/read, get dressed, go out, dinner,drinks, sleep, repeat! The many cabs and bikes can take you where you need to go (always haggle!) but to be honest, you won’t need to leave Seminyak (or want to!).

The bottom line, there’s other beaches in Bali, this one is nice, we liked it, a lot, but next time we’re going to look elsewere or maybe just stay in Ubud!

Make sure you see the photos below for more information like food recommendations!


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