We loved our trip to Morocco, it’s a wonderful place…

Morocco is a fascinating and beautiful place. There’s so many sights to see, shopping to do, foods to eat and experiences to be had! We did find Marrakech a little intense, with too much calling out to us, aggressive selling and the more than occassional rip off. We also found that no-one would do anything for free and would even demand money for pointing you in the direction of your hotel! Having said that, we want to go back and we recommend everyone to go.

There’s an energy to the place, it’s a melting place of people, history cultures. The colours, the arches, the life! Oh Morocco, we loved you.

There’s delicious foods like Tagine, Harira, B’ssara, lovely bread, cous cous, slow cooked meats and fantastic mint tea.

We found some of the best shopping to be had in the world, we want to go back with a car and fill it up for whenever we settle in a home. There’s rugs, ceramics, antiques and lots more and we just couldn’t stop shopping! Brace yourself for the haggling though!

There’s a lot of history and culture too, gorgeous buildings, hamams, palaces, mosques and (on the whole) the lovely Moroccans themselves.

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