A lovely, breezy, chilled out Moroccan port which is a perfect place to clean the dust off…

With a mediterranean vibe, bohemian styles, blue and white buildings, a beach and sea breeze, more awesome markets and food, Essaouira was really lovely. It was much more chilled out with less heckling and stress, and a walk down the sea front, filled with sights, smells and calm sounds, would ease any worries away further.

There’s good food everywhere, especially if you just walk down the sea front, or in the port there’s fresh, delicious and affordable sea food. We had a posh meal at Le Patio which was excellent! We also had a fun night out looking for bars, starting at Bar Le Trou or The Tru and going from there, getting invited into locals’ closed shops and drinking with them.

Our riad helped make it a special trip, as it was quaint, great quality and very romantic, and the small, easy to navigate streets, opening out into big squares or the sea front, helped make it a much easier time than the rest of Morocco. The people, with their seaside charms, were easier going, friendlier and happier than other Moroccans we met. Shopping was more relaxed and cheaper than elsewhere in Morocco too.

We recommend, just walking around, a trip to the medina, the ramparts and fishing port, the beach, the art gallery and above all, getting yourself to Essaouira!


Photos below…

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