To mourn the devestating Earthquakes that have just hit Bagan, we’re doing a photo special on the Pagodas there, after our trip in February 2016…

These photos were taken before the destruction, it’s a beautiful place and we hope the damage and devastation isn’t too bad. Reports are that up to 185 pagodas have been damaged and 3 people are dead. We extend our condolences to all and any affected.

Myanmar attracts millions of tourists a year and is only just opening up after years of closure under a military junta government. It has only recently moved to democracy and is still largely unspoiled by tourism. It’s a large country that sits just on top of Thailand with a rich culture and history, some of it dating back to the formation of our species.

Many people visit Bagan to see the 2,500 Pagodas, and below we’ve got a selection of photos of some of the best ones. It’s located in the Mandalay region of Myanmar and dates from 2nd century with many of its Pagodas dating from the 9th century onwards; lying on the banks of the Irrawaddy river. It is estimated there were over 10,000 Pagodas or stupas here, but being a tectonically active region and having suffered years of neglect, instability and river movement, only a quarter remain.

People from India and the surrounding areas came to Bagan to study everything from alchemy, astrology, medicine and law. It was and is a pilgrimage site and there are paintings there that are said to be the oldest drawings of the Buddha.


(Photos below…)

Bagan’s Pagodas photogallery: Click on the arrows to scroll, or on the image for a larger version (in a pop-up)

Bagan's Pagodas

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