Follow our 24 hr smash and grab of Bagan (February 2016), or do it slower yourself…

Bagan, oh wow! This ancient land of a thousand temples and pagodas must be seen to be believed. Sunrise over the pagodas has to be a top experience of my life and I’ve lived a darn crazy life! However, next time I’m taking a balloon ride (c. $300) at sunrise, it’s my next mission on this wonderful planet. I took the night bus from Yangon, spent the day on site and then took the night bus back to catch a flight back in Yangon, though I’d recommend a slower approach! You should only pay 8000 k for a cab to Bagan from the bus station and then 25000 k for entry, and 1500 k for a bike or c.7000/10000 k for an e bike or moped and, some people, like me, managed to not pay the entrance fee by negotiating a full rate with a cab or being lucky with the entrance you chose!

I recommend negotiating a full rate with a cab driver, they drive you around to the best sites and they let you choose places too. A respectable place to stay, so you can get a sunrise and sunset, is Winner Guest House. I must say that the 10hr bus drive to Bagan was hard but it is actually more comfortable than a Thai bus and a lot more than a Cambodian one and should cost 18,500 k for a vip one, one way. Bagan really is magical for one or two days, so whichever way you go, make sure you go!


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