And that’s exactly what we were trying to do….our journey from London, Bangkok on to Auckland and beyond!

Inna and I met at Wonderfruit festival and, over two years later, after falling madly in love, living together in Bangkok, London, travelling the world to all the places you can see in the menu and doing all the stuff in between; we came to New Zealand and Auckland!

“We came temporarily but quickly fell in love with the place. It’s paradise and as we would eventually be looking for a new home, together, somewhere we can call base camp, so we can put down some roots but also continue doing what we love; we thought, why not here, why not now! It’s just perfect and we’d love to be a committed part of New Zealand society and call this home.

There’s so many reasons its the most perfect place, we love it!”

And then I had to deal with their bureaucracy.

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