Where we’ve been and why you can go there too…

Travelling is scary, there’s lots to do, think about and plan for, there’s lots of unknowns and a life back home. It seems like, if we have kids or a job or some idea that holds us at home, that we can’t do it, at least not beyond our annual leave.

I’ve travelled a lot in my life (50+ countries and counting!), I’ve been lucky, but I’ve also got sucked into the system back home, just like everyone. And it’s a bad system, for you, the planet and everything. I also knew that that wasn’t living, that’s not what life is supposed to be. Waiting for the weekend and wishing my life away! I was suffering at home, in the race to no where and I was really feeling at a dead end. My soul or my verve was dying!

Then, a few years ago, I decided I would make a break again, and just that decision alone has propelled me to over 10 countries. The details get worked out, it’s the decision that counts. Nothing has to stop you, money can be saved and made, kids do great travelling, jobs can be found again, and, perhaps, even new horizons and ideas about what life means to you instead.

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Travelling healed me, showed me a better way and I want everyone to do it too! If we can all take a step back from the system, maybe we can change it. At least, a step back can make you see it for what it is. I think travelling is that step back. I know that I’m better for travelling, that we all would be if we all left that system and chose life over self-agreed slavery. I met Inna travelling, right when I was ready for love, but I had to make that leap to find it; imagine if I had stayed at home!

It also is so healthy to step out of your “normal” to see a different type of life, to adventure, to struggle, to haggle and search. It’s shown me we don’t live in an overpopulated world, we just use it wrong. It’s shown me that we have to sort out the environment. It’s shown me that we don’t have to do it the same way we do it now. It’s shown me so much more and given me so much I want to share; and that’s one of the things commonsensible.org is all about!

So come with us to places unknown and let’s change our lives!