Singarich more like, there’s so much that’s good!

Inna and I had a little under 24 hours in Singapore, but we certainly made the most of it! We absolutely loved it and would highly recommend. It’s a food, shopping, memorable site filled paradise, and, contrary to popular opinion, it doesn’t have to be expensive. It feels young, vibrant, friendly, polite, helpful and safe; a really great city to visit!

We used the SMRT which offers a great rate pass ard you can pick up from he airport, there’s a few opions but ayone in the most amazing airport I’ve ever seen (especially in terms of customer service!), will point you in the right direction. It’s a really good way to get around the city and avoids the traffic and expensive cabs.

We visited China Town for shopping, Little India for more shopping (and there’s a really cool temple there too!), and tore through the malls at Bugis Junction, Expo and around. You can simply shop til you drop if you wanted to. It’s also a brilliant city to just walk around, which we also did in the above places, and with the SMRT, everything is close by. There’s so much to see and try, just walking around checking things out and occassionally grabbing a bite to eat, is a good way to do the city!

We hit the Botanic Gardens and walked barefoot in the reflexology garden, strolled through the bamboo, ferns, tropical plants and flowers and checked out some of the birdlife. It is well worth a visit, even though we missed the highly recommended orchid garden (however, there is a good one at the airport). It’s also well used by Singaporeans and makes a good break from the city.

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A walk down Marina Bay and Waterfront Promenade is a must do, as is a trip up to the SkyPark for champagne cocktails or at least the view from one of the tallest and impressive buidlings in the world! From there you can see much of the city, including Supertree Gardens and Gardens by the Bay. Coincidentally, when we were there, the Grand Prix was in town, so we got a good look at the track and drank with some of the organisers having a party in the SkyPark bars

We ate street food around Bugis Junction (including Duck hearts and a famous cured pork jerky. We also grabbed some dim sum and these pie thingies (check out the photos for details!) that were fantastic! For dinner we went to Lau Pa Sat Festival Market for some typical Singapore food (pan-asia fusion basically, with some unique dishes thrown in) with the locals. We grabbed a few things, including a stir fry, some satay and a few curries. It’s only a short walk from there to the Marina so you could do as we did and have a post meal walk followed by cocktails!

We stayed at Fragrance Hotel (Ruby) which was pretty good, clean, with great views, and with helpful and friendly staff. We think all the above represents a good smash and grab must do list of things to do in Singapore if you had 24 hours; as usual we recommend this curated trip to you!

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