Lots of Russians, a nice beach, cool restaurants, cafes and bars, a good traditional beach break location…

Nha Trang 2016! You might think you were in a Russian colony, but we still liked it. It had a good beach, good food and night life and plenty to keep you occupied. We had a nice but expensive meal with some wine at the Sailing Club which is also a good night time venue. We chilled on the beach on a rented sun lounger (40,000 VND), swam in the sea and had a blind massage at The Blind People Light Centre (which was amazing!). We also saw a funny Water Puppet show which was ok.

Then we got drunk at the various bars including Crazy Kim’s, the Louisiana Brewhouse and a few other places. The next day we had a lazy day on the beach, haha! Then we had a mud bath at Thap Ba Spa (highly recommend), checked out Po Nagar Temple (also cool) and had a walk around town. It was a perfect beach location but more in tune with a Eurpoean location than a Vietnamese idyll.

We stayed at Nice Hotel which was the best place we stayed in Vietnam, ate an amazing meal at a Greek restaurant called Mix, had a good few meals elsewhere (for details, as always, check out the photos below) and overall we recommend Nha Trang, even though there’s nicer beaches to go to in the surrounding areas.

We took the night train from Nha Trang back to Ho Chi Minh for one more day there and to get our flight back. It was a good experience, although a day train would give you more, we enjoyed it a lot.


For more info, have a look at the photos in the gallery  below…

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Nha Trang

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