Sorry (not sorry), it’s not the usual approach…

Think of us like a person, that sensible guy or girl next door that loves knowledge and whose opinion you trust. We’ve got your best interests at heart because we think everyone is the same, we’re the same, we are you. We think there’s too many vested interests out there and too much information and misinformation. We think there’s too much noise and opinion and we want to focus and distill it all for you. It’s like loads of people are trying to tell you something and then you hear this voice and you think; that voice, that’s the voice I want to listen to.

We know that, these days, news and information always has an agenda, it’s trying to promote, to sell, to change your mind, to scare you, to make you act or react, to get you to click, to get you to share, to give your personal details, to try and get something out of you. It’s become almost toxic. One day eggs are bad for you, the next day they’re good, one day we’re in a financial boom, the next it’s a crash, one day we are heading towards a utopia, the next it’s an apocalypse. We’re sick of it! We want to help against this nonsense. We want to focus on the best areas of life and give you good information, with no agenda or sales.

We’re not into the money, we just have a few ads and links. We strive to only tell the truth, and to curate informative, interesting, useful and entertaining content. We’re not into opinion or belief, we try to approach everything rationally, scientifically, logically and practically, an approach that anyone can copy. We aim to be sound, normal, native intelligence. We aim to be commonsensible.

From knowledge, educational articles, science, religious studies, philosophy, mind, exams, online education, studying to food, festival food, food reviews, food health, food recipes and foreign or unusual cuisine, Greek recipes; from travel, adventure, experiences, travel reports, world festivals, articles and travel photography, to health and wellness, alternative therapies, mental health, mindfulness to creativity, art articles, music festivals and festival art, performance, poetry, fiction, sculpture and lots more. It’s everything you need, if you think about it. It’s all commonsensible.

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