I just remember that my first real desire was to know everything. Stupid, I know, but it did direct me to a life filled with education; reading books, online study, lots of university degrees or qualifications and many varied interests and experiences. Philosophy, ethics, religious studies, spirituality, politics, humanities; these were fuel for my mind, especially up to my late twenties. When I wasn’t learning, I was tinkering in the kitchen, teaching myself about food, like a modern day alchemist, partly out of necessity to save money, but mainly because my home life taught me to love good food, and that it is the heart of a home. I found cooking and coming up with recipes, meditative, and, in a zen way, it taught me much about life. These two pursuits, learning and food, led me inexorably to thinking about my health, or mortality, or rather, the absolute quality of humanity. So yoga and meditation, more extreme activity, and the study of health and healing, the body and healthfoods became my life, well, on and off.

All of this was great for my mind and my body, but it was travel that awoke my soul, that and music festivals, and that scene, the sort of hippy arty festival scene. World travel, going to far off places, staying in luxury, hell, paradise and so much more with amazing food, lots of new recipes to try at home, and fantastic experiences, everywhere! The art was about involvement and expression of the life lived, about community, beauty, peace and passing the time. Now, when you experience life, off the wall stylee, not following the norms (ok, well, not all the time anyway) and looking for new experiences as much as you can, and finding those experiences, something happens to you. Something good.

I think, you start to see the world as it truly is, as if through the many eyes of the people you have been. Because, that’s the problem with reality, isn’t it? One view of it, doesn’t give the whole picture. So what if you had lots of views, lots of different personas, as it were, that you could draw on, from all these experiences, to see the world in a sort of multi-subjective way? An empathic view, perhaps. I think it might also provide a commonsensible outlook of the highest order. Commonsensible.org is therefore, about all this, with content from lots of sources, an online education in the university of life, a travel and food blog, a health and science forum, a photography online journal, an art and creativity expression, and much much more. All these things are the best in life, the key bits, the most important aspects of a life well lived; education, mind, food, health, travel, fun and creativity and I wanted a source for them that could be trusted and that could inspire. I hope you will enjoy discovering what we have to share…

Andrew P M Yiallouros

p.s. I know it’s not very believable that one person could be into so many things or that it is assured that none of it will be very good if one was such a diverse character. I also know that one man’s flanneur is another’s man homme de renaisance. I know to begin with this website will be a lot about me, I am more humble than it may at first appear, but as we develop I hope to include my many friends and acquaintances from the world I inhabit and to share a different view of life than the one that you are used to.

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