How to use this website, it’s not your usual website…

Ok, sometimes we’re a bit wordy, but we don’t think information should be limited. We think what’s hard is worthwhile. We think to get the most out of something you’ve got to put something in. It is worth it. We want to match reality so you’ve got to hunt a little across our landscape, it is an adventure afterall!

We’ve split Educationalism into two parts. The first part is an article or knowledge section that has anything non-fiction, except for food, travel and creativity. The second section is more focused on education proper, or the tools to acquire and use that knowledge.

Food and travel have articles and content about those topics. Food is split between The Good Food Cookery School and Good Eats and is full of recipes, reviews, videos and all things food and drink. We’ve got our resident foodie, The Good Greek, as well as other contributors and a cookery school, through The Good Food Cookery School.

Travel is full of travel reports, articles and travel photography. We take photos of things so you can find them again so it’s worth a look to get the most out the articles.

Creactivity is split between Art and Experience, Art is full of things that look nice, Experience is full of things that make you feel nice.

Use the menu to navigate your way to some excellent stuff.