What we stand for and how we see the world and how our content is devised…

We stand for truth, knowledge, love, enjoyment, logic, freedom, togetherness, oneness, goodness, humour, helpfulness, instruction, kindness and so on. We stand for everyone, the specials and the norms. We stand for humans, Earth and life. It’s a bit like a club, but everyone is a member.

We think most of the time, there’s more than one answer. We look for the good and what joins us together. We’re positive but honest. We are inclusive, open and welcoming. We think all views are good. There’s more than one way up a mountain. There’s many ways to make a boat. Everything is valid, except that which is not. Reality is grey, not black or white. We are all different and the same. The little is the big, the truth recurs and reality is strange. There is a cave and a sun. And there is a middle path, a commonsensible journey, to that sun.

We create articles and content based on what interests us, what crosses our path and what we have knowledge about, it’s as simple as that. Truth over opinion, as much as that is possible. We experience and share, that’s how we devise content, it’s organic and it’s down to earth and it’s all about you and nothing else.

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